Welcome to Denim & Street!

Our mission here at Denim & Street is to promote confidence and self-expression through the art of fashion.
We're here to help you make a statement. Not to help you look like anyone else but to stand out in the crowd in a way that is uniquely YOU.
We feel the power of fashion and seek to bring that to you in a way that won't break the bank or fall apart in one wash.
The girls that shop with us are fashion forward, looking for that bold look to match their bold personality. They're confident, free, and not afraid to be themselves.
They're you. They're us. 


Our Story

Ok all you millennials! Relate to me here: post-college years are crazy. Along with getting my first "big girl" job (which I was supremely thankful for, btw) I also found myself finding new groups of friends, a new gym, a new apartment, and ultimately a new city. I pretty much felt like a whole new me.

Being a young urban professional I felt I had outgrown the  $8 dresses I was wearing around town in my younger days but still wanted to be fashionable. I was ready for quality! Pieces that would last and could possibly be worn both at work and out with my friends. And who really has time to dig through bins or scroll through 500 items when they have a day job?! But despite how much I wanted to, I didn't have the moolah ($$$) yet to walk into a name brand store and buy from their impeccably laid out displays. 

Now, I  know I can be a little "high-maintenance" (whatever, right!?) but I wanted a premium shopping experience, good customer service, on-trend styles, quality garments, and affordable prices. I wanted to look like ME just in better quality clothes that didn't cost a million dollars but still looked and felt AWESOME.  I started shopping at boutiques and just knew this was the way to go! But I was tired of seeing alllll the same things in every store! I wanted statement pieces that would stand out and edgy pieces that showed my personal style. I wanted ahead-of-the-trend fashion. I wanted NYC street style that I could wear downtown in my home city. 

As you can imagine, this was not easy to come by. So I was faced with two decisions:

1. Do extensive online research into brands and their quality then traipse all over the country feeling and looking and bargaining to pick out one or two pieces here and there.  Over time I would build an amazing wardrobe that would make me feel like a million, no, billion bucks! Then come home, put it in my closet and be the only one to benefit from it... 


2. Do the same thing and share it with women all over the world. 

We all deserve to feel like a billion bucks. So Denim & Street was born. 


-Alyx, Owner, Denim & Street

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