Thank You for Choosing Denim & Street!

Hey babes, I'm Alyx! Owner of Denim & Street. Fashion fanatic. Forever learner. Adventure seeker. 


Dressing the every day BA.


D&S started after I graduated college, as I was trying to navigate my 20 somethings in the adult world. With a college degree in healthcare, clothes were just my favorite hobby--and basically the sole inheritor of my paychecks. Owning a store was something I never knew I could do until I happened across the right webpage. And I've been obsessed ever since. Now, Denim & Street has been in business for over 3 years and I couldn't be more thankful for this adventure.


At D&S, we believe in the power of fashion, how it makes you feel-- and that you deserve a wardrobe as unique and rad as you. 


D&S is for the women who like to live a little on the edge-- she wants unique, quality pieces that are super fashion forward. She loves a new trendy fit— and isn’t afraid to rock it.


Take the guess work out of WHO you're truly buying from or where your money is going by shopping small with us! Every penny supports a small business dream-- and goes toward empowering women to chase their dreams and live their best possible lives in the coolest freaking fits. 


Welcome to the fam, babes. I'm so happy you're here.